[Free Game][Review Exchange] Nowhere: Runner

Hi Ladies and Gents

This is my first released game for any platform, hopefully some would find it enjoyable, If you rate and review I would do the same for your game/app.

The Game location is : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DevviesApps.NowhereRunner

If at all possible please tag the game as “addictive” , “awesome” or anything that is positive about the game.

Current description on the Play store.

Any and all constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Nowhere: Runner is a game of Concentration, Timing and Skill.

One hand game play, making it easy to play but challenging to master.
Attempt to survive an onslaught of traps which become far more dangerous.
All traps are possible but there is no escape from death.

How To Play:

Tap Screen to jump, while in the air tap the screen again to double jump.
Everything that is red will kill you if you touch it.
Dodging traps gets you a points, which can be shared with your friends and with the world.

Good Luck, have fun!

Please note:

Adverts have been included in this game, but it will never be intrusive or obstruct game play, you will only ever see an ad at the bottom of the death screen.

Coming soon :

  • More trap types
  • Complete game translation into Spanish, French and Italian.
  • Constant tweaks and balancing to make the game as fair and as challenging as possible.
  • Promo Video.

A few Images of the game:

I’ve rated you game as “Luca”, comment: "Addictive! Well designed game; waiting for new traps! Graphic reminds me the style of “limbo”, really liked it! Maybe you can insert a rewind option! "
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I have rated your game aswell as “Tyrone”, comment: “Awesome! Really enjoy the game, stays true to the old school.”


Done, 5* review and g+ as “jarek VJP”.

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Done aswell, 5* review as “Tyrone”


Done, G+ and 5* review “name : boukhari”
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G+ and 5* as Tyrone.


g+ and 5* , rated as Rasti Hyxl

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Done as benedetto,
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G+ and 5*
Done as Tyrone


Hey Man
G+ and 5*, pretty cool game, got a real nostalgia feeling from it (spyhunter).
Thank you for your comments I definitely am going to continue working on it, this game actually is a tiny “idea” I had while working on my main game called “Nowhere” which is a controlled platformer & puzzle game.

On another note, I had tested your game and found a few things that people may complain about (tiny bugs) so you can iron those out before any bad comments:
Tested on a Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S3:

  • Worked fine on the S3 but the the camera was wrapping around the screen on the note3. (quick fix: there is a script that you would be able to find on google called Aspect Utility, just attach it to your main camera’s and change the wanted aspect ratio to 1.78. and that bug will disappear)

I hope this helps

Thanks again.

Done, I gave you 5* g+ and comment from Alex Wilhelm

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Reviewed with 5 stars as Silvio, please do the same for this App

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done reviewed 5* and g+ as John Smith
please do the same here

nice App btw, done




Hey 5* and +1


Hey Reviewed 5* and g+


G+ and 5*
Done as Tablet User (Now I changed my name to Max i, so both names could be possible). Never the less my review is: Cool! Addictive Game :wink:

Please do the same for me:

Greetz Max