[FREE GAME] [REVIEW EXCHANGE] Gummy's Thanksgiving Feast

Gummy’s Thanksgiving Feast

Hey, Everyone!

I just released my game Gummy’s Thanksgiving Feast in time for the holiday. I hope you can try it out! :slight_smile:

Also willing to do a review for a review!

Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zebrafoxgames.ThanksgivingFeast

Rated your app as Ryer Danton

Done, I gave you 5* g+ and comment from Alex Wilhelm

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Done, G+ and 5* review “name : boukhari”
Please do the same for mine :


Two above apps have been rated 5+ and given a G+ follow. GODice 2 doesn’t appear on my tablet for some reason.

Rated 5* and g+ as “haris budi” please do the same for me:

With request Review , copy paste it “aplikasi nya sangat membantu semoga dapat bermanfaat ^_^”

because this aplication target only for indonesian thanks
My app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nanostudio.test

Done, rate it 5* and g+ed with name as “David Pescovitz”
Please help review my app, thank!


Rated and reviewed as “Bob Chen”, please rate/review my app:


If anyone wants to trade ratings/reviews, please PM me.

Hello, i reviewed your app with 5 stars(G+ ofcourse).
Name: Ve Geta, Comment: “Great app works perfectly”
Here is my app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.bsapps.funnycamprank
Please rate it.

All above apps have been rated! Still looking for more! :slight_smile:

Hi, I i reviewed your app with 5 stars.
Comment: Cool and amazing application!!! Great game, I love it
Name: Юрий Притыцкий
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Done, rate it 5* and g+ with name “lekkrami mostafa”
Please help review my app, thanks!


pm sent, i rated your app.

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Done, rate it 5* and g+ with name "Karim Muhammad "


please do the same to mine