[Free][Game] Reactions Wheel

Hello everybody.
A year ago I started developing for Android but only utility apps and stuff like that. Few months ago I decided to start learning OpenGL. You can see the result from the link below!. I am absolutely sure that it is far from perfect, but for the beginning I hope it is OK.
The game is fairly simple. There is rectangle labeled with color name. You have to tap on the appropriate color on the wheel. As tapping wheel will start to spin faster and faster. If you do not touch it for a while the wheel will slowly reduce its speed. The goal is to make as more points as possible. Points are based on intervals between two sequential tabs and current rotation speed. I tried to optimize battery consumption and performance, but have no idea how good I did it. I am sure that community here have much more experience with games than me so I will be grad to receive some feedback. Meanwhile let’s back to tutorial and continue with OpenGL :slight_smile: