[FREE][GAME][PUZZLE]Mini Crossword


I am an indie developer in the U.S. I wrote a mini-crossword app – small phone-sized puzzles. A new one daily - last 7 days always available. And then I will offer in-app purchases of new puzzle packs – probably 15 or 20 puzzles for $1.99.

I wrote the app, and I’m writing all the puzzles. What I’m trying to deliver is the content - my own puzzles. The clues are kind of clever or jokey, it’s supposed to be fun. Just a way to kill a couple of minutes in the morning – but come back every morning! That’s my goal.

I realize it’s not for everybody – but some people should enjoy it.

The problem is my ads are not attracting many clicks. Once they click on the ad, I’m getting a decent install rate. Luckily I’m only paying only about $2/day for adwords.

I would appreciate GOOD reviews in the play store, and then your honest feedback here. Does the app need to be flashier, shinier, or what? It doesn’t come with any instructions – does it need to? How about the play store page, any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,

I just sent pm for you. Please check it out and Keep up a good work.

The problem is crossword market is already crowded. There are a lot of big companies are already doing it.

After reviewing your app on Google Play, you definitely don’t have enough installs to be making any money right now. Focus on promoting your app to gain popularity, then you can think about making money. At the end of the day I know the ultimate goal is about money, however, you should be doing this out of passion, then earning will be easy. Good Luck.