[FREE][Game] Please rate my first game, I will do the same for you :-)

this is my first game, done with my girlfriend and myself.
It is only 5MB and works with almost any device. Please download it, rate it, review it, share it, and I will do the same for you!




I like the style and the colors of graphics. I did no more than 7 points.
This is only the first game, but try to do something original. The gameplay is too similar to Flappy Birds.
Its not easy to do something original but you should always try.

I did a review with the name daniel murru.

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Thanks for your input!
yes, its pretty similar to flappy bird. But it has some details which make it different: dynamic 2d-lighting, achievements, “insect” collection and some different mechanics (real physics on collisions, the hole is getting smaller and smaller etc).

I now this game will not win the prize to originality, ofc :D.

Thanks for the input, I will review your game and let you know!


I made 322 !
I like the first screen i think is really cool!

While I like the story and instructions on how to play the game, I think its a bit of “wall of text”.

BTW. I got an ANR when I pressed the achievements button (the app freeze)

I have review it with name Javier Vera



I see that in any case its much more cured than other games like Flappy and its more fun.

Yes I know. I wrote too much. It would be better to make a video to explain the story.

I’m sorry for the freeze, I’ll try to solve as soon as possible. Thanks for the tip.

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Rated, Reviewed, G+ as Juvas Cheev. Also launched your app (This affects search positions). I will keep the app installed for at least one week. Please do the same.

Thanks! I have reviewed your game too with my account “Asia P”. Nice UI!

Thanks! I installed, rated and g+ your game with account “Asia P”.

Thanks! I did the same with user Asia P and got 3 points, I will keep your game for some time too. Cheers!

Done as ‘Mario Horn’
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Please review my game aswell and keep it on your device for at least 7 days. I’ll do the same of course.

thank you and good luck with your game :slight_smile:

Done has Javier Vera!
I always keep the apps I download for at least 7 days :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Done. Downloaded, played, reviewed, rated and shared. Name is Saniyi.
Here’s my first, simple arcade game, please do the same! Can you use one of these keywords in your review? - arcade, addicting, fun, challenging. Thx


Done has Javier Vera!
good luck! (IMO I think you put too many interstitials!)

Rated, reviewed, G+ as alanbush2. Please do the same

nick Vahe Muradyan
Please do the same


I can not find your review :frowning:

name: Javier Vera