[FREE][GAME] Mr Hamster


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Play our newest game about this awesome rodent!

Mr Hamster dreams to be a sportsman but his greatest weakness is fast-food.
To make his dreams come true, you’ll have to keep him fit and feed with healthy meals.
If you keep him still running and eat well, Mr Hamster will become a true athlete!

Tap the left side of the screen or spin around as fastest as possible by doing
circles on the spinning-wheel with your finger. You also need to choose wisely
the menu of Mr Hamster, because he will gain weight if he eats too much.

You lose, when Mr Hamster gets too fat and stops running in the spinning-wheel.
You win, when Mr Hamster maintain maximum speed for about ten seconds.
After each completed level you get a cool clothing item for Mr Hamster!
Help him develop impressive muscles and collect all sporty gadgets.

Get into the spinning-wheel with Mr Hamster!

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Yeah, i want to download it…Thanks