[FREE GAME] Hangman multilang

Hangman: The classic word game in a free version for Android. Hangman is ideal to play a quick game in the subway, in the school yard, or at work during a break.

Download for free at Google Play Store

Cool graphics. Funny sounds.
Available in 31 languages.
3 levels of difficulty.
300.000 words to guess.

Hundreds of hours of fun with Hangman: Hangman is free for your Android smartphone or your tablet.

Download for free at Google Play Store

Nice app - I like the animations sliding between screens. It’s pretty fun to play, being one of those classics.

One minor point to fix: on my Galaxy S II running ICS, the Options screen has a small flaw. Due to the default widget style, the spinners all have white text. Since you’ve got that custom white notepad background, it’s nearly impossible to read the current value in each of the spinners. If the text color was manually set to black (or something similar) this would be readable again.

I hear you. I will look into this bug. It didn’t appear on my Galaxy Ace. Thanks for feedback.