[FREE][GAME] Guessy - Hangman with Friend Names

Hey everyone,

I just finished putting together my first Android app and would love to get some feedback! It’s a Hangman-style puzzle game in which players try to guess names of their friends using hints pulled out from their Facebook profiles. See the screenshots for an example.

Guessy 1.0.4 on Google Play

Thanks in advance. Happy droiding! :slight_smile:

Here’s a more detailed description:

Guessy is a fun puzzle game that combines Hangman with hints from Facebook. In a Hangman-style interface, Guessy challenges players to guess the names of their friends using hints pulled from their Facebook profiles such as location, hometown, school, workplace and more.

How to play:
Guess the name of your friends as quickly as possible by typing on the keyboard. Scroll through arrow buttons to see hints.

How scoring works:
Maximum score is 10,000 points per game. Every second taken for guessing costs 100 points, every hint seen costs 200 points, and every wrong letter typed costs 500 points.

How rating works:
Rating is the average of scores from the last 10 games played. At least 10 games needs to be played in order to be rated.

EDIT: Updated Google Play Link, loaded screenshots within text

It looks like many people want to try the app before connecting their Facebook account, so now I have added a mode where players can use the app with celebrity names without connecting their Facebook account. New version available on Google Play:

Guessy 1.1.2 on Google Play

I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks guys! :slight_smile: