[Free] [Game] Fruits Math

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a small, simple game where you solve math problems within 5 seconds.

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OWCA.FruitMath&hl=en

Have fun!

Its a good concept but you should seriously consider making it easier by increasing the timer. I can’t even get one score.

Blimey, I can do maths, but not that fast… how about starting at 20 or 15 seconds and taking 1 second off each round? Would make it far more playable.

I have increased the timer to 10 seconds. Thanks for your review!

Here is my review JumblyApps

I have modified the timer. It now starts at 20 seconds and reduces by 1 anytime you score a point, to the lowest of 10 seconds. So the higher your score is, the harder the game. Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

Thank you, I’ll add it to my review