[FREE] [GAME for SALE] Diner Dreams : The Rise of a Fast-Food Mogul

:star2: Exciting News! Diner Dreams: The Rise of a Fast-Food Mogul is Coming! :hamburger::video_game:

Hey Foodie Friends! :fries::hotdog: Get ready for the ultimate fast-food adventure, because Diner Dreams is release!

:video_game: Check it out on Itch io: Diner Dreams - The Rise of a Fast Food Mogul by Time Games
:shopping: Available on Sell My App: Diner Dreams โ€“ The Rise of a Fast Food Mogul

:film_projector: Watch the Trailer: https://youtu.be/lJqkdQly89M

:iphone: Platform : Android

:date: Relase Date: October 14, 2023! :tada:

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:handshake: Open for Collaboration! :rocket:
Weโ€™re thrilled to announce that we are open to collaboration with game publishers! If youโ€™re interested in purchasing Diner Dreams or exploring exciting opportunities for cooperation, drop us a line at timegames36 gmail com. We canโ€™t wait to hear from you and cook up something amazing together!

Diner Dreams is begin! :tada::pizza: