[FREE Game] Complete Memory Training

This is my first app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.project.memory.trainer

Train all main types of your memory with this all-in-one memory trainer!

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Complete Memory Training is a FREE game designed to train four types of your memory:
:heavy_check_mark: Short-term memory.
:heavy_check_mark: Working memory.
:heavy_check_mark: Visual memory.
:heavy_check_mark: Spatial memory.

Better memory will improve your focus; it will also help to control all kinds of distractions and keep your impulses in check.
It will help students and business professionals alike - whether it’s a client’s name or a more polished presentation, or studying for an exam. The results will be quickly noticed! Older adults, with regular memory training, will sharpen their brains and reduce the risk of memory loss. The game is also suitable for kids!

Brain training is just like muscle training - the more you train, the better results you get!

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Hi Insplicity,
Nice memory game. BTW, i wanted to know how you made the video?? any tools you are using to make nice app video demos?

Hi Babuye,

thanks. I use CamStudio - it is open open source and absolutely free. You can get it on: CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

Thanks a lot. I will check it out today.

No problem. :slight_smile: It’s a very good piece of software - like a basic version of Camtasia.