[FREE][GAME]Circle Run And Jump

I’m an indie android developer and recently uploaded a new android game (Circle Run And Jump).
I’m a programmer,but I made almost all the graphics alone.

Please take a look and tell me your opinion.
I really need your suggestions and your honest reviews,because I want to be better at making games.
My goal is to make a game worthy of being played and gain experience so I can make better games later.

[b]Thank you very much for your time!
If you want,post links of your games and I will test and review them.

Circle Run And Jump[/b] is a simple one touch arcade runner game.Your goal is to avoid the obstacles by tapping the screen at just the right time.


Updated to version 1.1:
-Removed full screen ads
-Can be moved to SD Card

Hi Nickba,

I reviewed your game, rated it 5* and g+1 as Eric Jaeger.
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Btw, I like your game. It has an interesting concept and it’s addictive. Did you use a game framework to develop it?


thank you very much for your kind words!I am using libGDX.

I really liked your game.I suggest you to add a function that will give you some coins after 1 hour or more,because some people dont like downloading other apps in order to play more.Your UI is awesome and the game is challenging.Good job!

Reviewed as John Zakis.

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Done,thank you very much!Your game is pretty good,I like the graphics,I think the UI needs a little bit work but overall you have done a very good job!Good luck!

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Done as John Zakis,thank you very much!

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=thejungle.run2.bunnys my app :o

Thank you very much!

Uploaded a new version check it out

-New Graphics
-New Characters
-New Character Selection Screen

I tried out Circle Run and Jump and posted a review - coincidentally through ReviewsMotion.com. The graphics in Circle Jump and Run aren’t bad - the player doesn’t really have time examine them. There are free clipart sites, which might help if you’re really concerned about the artwork. I recently posted an article about this subject on my blog titled “It is so Much Easier to Create Games Nowadays” where there are links to some of the resources that I use. The article is at. Midnight ProwlerBot

I have read your article and also reviewed your app!Thank you very much for your review and suggestions!Your blog is very interesting thanks for sharing!

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