[Free][GAME] Chicki - The Jumping Chicken

Hi All,

This is my 4th Game on Android, and I promote it here mainly to share my game , and not expect any Exchange or Ratings.
Please do not Rate to get mutual ratings, I wont entertain that, as it would clearly violate Google Terms.


The Chicken likes jumping and performing air stunts. You must prevent Chicken from falling down and help Chicken by putting any bar at screen bottom. Please try to make the pretty Chicken never falling in front of world!!!
Collect all the 100 Golden Eggs in the City to become King Of Chickens
Download now to your device and enjoy the game everywhere. It’s free!!
•Unlimited Levels
• Play Against Friends
• Invite Friends
• Multiplayer Enabled
• Collect all 100 Golden Eggs before your friends collect them.
• Supports Android 2.1 onwards
• Fantastic Game sounds




I’ve reviewed your app under the name Jean-Philippe Fong and give you a G+.

“A good simple game but challenging in the same time.”

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