[FREE] Game -> Check The Mirror

Hi all

I would like to present you my new free game Check The Mirror.


In this game there are falling and turning cubes. Touch them in the right moment, when they match to the reffering mirrage on the floor.
You can hunt for the highscore with other players worldwide.

Check The Mirror is free for download on -> Google Play

ctm_1en.jpg ctm_2en.jpg

Hey @SI20RMY08,

I have checked your game - need to confess it really simple and fun game.

From my side I need to point the things which you cahn improve to be found in Store and get more downloads that you have at the moment:

Work better at your description. It play a lot to be foundable in Google Play by users who want spend time playing the game like your one. It’s calling ASO - the optimization your App by keywords. I can propose you alternative way to order Keenmobi ASO service as these guys are really highly experienced at optimizing the apps and leading it to top position.

What will you have while orderASO service?

  1. Findability in search result
  2. Relevant description
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And also there should be the app page freshness - [b]buy installs[/b] to make your App alive.
As a conclusion I want to say that you need to strive to be original, special and useful. Inspire your potential users to download your app and spend their time with fun.

Wish you good luck!