[FREE GAME] Block Puzzle Mania Blast 2017

Block Puzzle Mania Blast 2017 is a free jigsaw puzzle block color game totally. This is a classic yet innovative game!Get a fully effective training on logical thinking this addictive game. This offline one has game play very simple: just drag, drop and fill up all the grid. But once playing, you can’t be stopped attracted by this classic brick game. You can enjoy it everywhere, every time.

HOW TO PLAY: Block Puzzle Mania Blast 2017
● Drag and drop block into right place. There are many brick shapes to pick up.
● When a line is full filled, you get score
● Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapes below the grid.
● You cannot rotate when playing
● You can think as much as you want before pick up one. NO limited time.

Block Puzzle Mania Blast 2017 Features
● One of the most highlight of this online block mania is design and color. It has many beautiful themes for your choice.
● Colorful graphics
● A 1010 classic mania game with simple play and easy control
● Smoothly, no crash, no harmful battery
● Attracted sound effects
● Get double kill, triple kill, quadra kill, penta kill

Have fun of playing Block Puzzle Mania Blast 2017!

Link: https://goo.gl/PDWbdp