[FREE][GAME] Black Ball - The Bouncing ball


Description from Google play:

Very addictive game!

-Set the platform under the bouncing ball
-Take the ball away from obstacles
-Pick points
-Increase your highscore
-Competing with friends and sharing your results in social networks
-Overcome all difficulties and become the best!

Great arcade game to kill a little time. Or a lot.




Video: Black Ball (2017) - Trailer - YouTube

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rgt.bouncingball

Hey @Romangalimov, I have checked your game. I have something to tell you:

1) the reviews are contrastive different- so there is no univocal impression from users’s comments. It seems the part are placed by real users and they really place important recommendations that - you really need to make the game complicated at each level as it feels like plain. B
2) Also I must confess that visual part of ASO were implemented excellent. I really get the point of game and doesn’t feel confused. The screen shots are done well, the video presentation is a great advantage, the icon is contrast and the character is full of charisma. I am sure your App will be downloaded at once being visible for wider audience.
And in the end I wanted to say that there are not enough downloads. The target audience pays a lot attention to number of installs as it p[lays like approving the quality. Also a number of installs play prime role in ranking your App. Being increased in store will give you opportunity to be downloaded by a huge organic users and in future to get a lot of benefits.

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Wish best of luck!