[FREE][GAME] Arrow Shoot - Endless Tap Tap Game [2.2+]

Hey there good people, First tons of love to guys, this community is just exceptional. Showed me all the possibilities when I started.

I have been making tons of utility applications and I love it as my users are just awesome.

I love games just like most people and thought it would great to release a game in play store for all of you so I started working on an exciting game a month ago and yay, it’s in play store now.

To show love for all of you guys, I will be giving off $20 worth of coupons to whoever can score above 20 points in the game. Yeah, it’s kinda difficult but I know, you guys can do it!

Steps to get $20 coupons

  1. Download the game from here
  2. Score anything above 10 and post a screenshot in the comments

So, let’s get it started, all the best! :smiley: