[Free][Game]Alaska Solitaire Relax

Alaska solitaire implementation. Keep in mind that Alaska Solitaire is tough for solving and unless you have lots of experience you won’t be able to solve it.
The game is for solitaire maniacs (like me) only.



Made with html5, phaser and cordova.

Here is my review JumblyApps

Thank you Jumbly !

Hi, would you like to do a review exchange with my game? just a short “good game!” is sufficient for the review. thanks!

Done! Rirara is my name there! Please review my game! Thanks!

Done as Randy R. in your review.
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Thanks, I have written “a great solitaire game” too!

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I did as Randy R… I’ll keep your game to. I really like it! Time killer! Thank you very much!!