[FREE][GAME][4.1+] Hexoquan

Hi All!

LaBee games team presents a new game – Hexoquan.

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How long ago have you had the arithmetic lessons? Do you remember how to countdown from 9 to 1?
What about your strategy skill? Not so well?

Hexoquan will help you not only to remember, but to cultivate these skills, as well. The main idea of the game is based on a traditional Vietnamese children’s board game Ô ăn quan, where it is necessary to spread numbers to get groups of equal values and score.

But don’t rush to take score on the current turn. Think your steps in advance with future numbers in mind, invent a sly strategy that will help you to prepare the game field for the next turn and then get the highscore!

Play the game, cultivate your strategy skill, compete with your friends, beating their records. Become the legend of Hexoquan!


  1. Simple but addictive gameplay, that requires you to carefully observe the game field. Play simple – get small scores. But think your steps in advance – set up new records and become an unbeatable champion!
  2. Cool graphics with themes for everyone. Choose whichever you like!
  3. Nice background music, helping you to relax and show all your strategy skills.
  4. Localized into English and Russian.

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Hope you enjoy the game! Feel free to comment and share your opinion.

A new version v1.1 is available!

What’s new:

  1. APK size was reduced.
  2. Game progress is saved – play during your breaks and go back to your game any time you want!
  3. New beautiful domino themes – dark and color.
  4. Bug-fixes and improvements.

02 gameplay 4_framed.jpg 02 gameplay 5_framed.jpg