[FREE][GAME][4.0+]Play CMA and WIN a brand new PS4/XB1!!

Hello World,

Cute Monsters Attack is out now on android and you can WIN a brand new PS4/XB1 simply by playing it and sharing it with your friends, contest rules here:


Cute monsters Attack is a fun, challenging and addictive puzzle game that borrows mechanics from games such as tetris and match games and combines them to offer a fresh experience.

Take aim and save the world from the legions of Cute Monsters by attacking each monster with the appropriate shape and color ammo. Mismatch and a new monster will be created to torment you!


  • campaign mode with 12 difficult levels;
  • custom endless mode which(as the name suggests) lets you customize all gameplay aspects to make the game as easy or as hard as you wish!
  • colorful graphics with dozens of detailed and funny looking monsters;
  • great music that will keep you energized;

Googleplay Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vikingsproductions.CuteMonstersAttack

Gameplay Video:



P.S. For those interested just in review exchange please keep in mind that I don’t own an android device yet. So if you review my game let me know what you would like me to review in exchange and I will do it when I finally get the money to purchase an android device of my own(which could take a while).

hi vikings! congrats on your game; i love it! i just noticed that you have in-app products available for purchase… did you ever consider implementing an offer wall inside your app so your users can complete offers in exchange for points that can be used for you in-app products? let me know if this would be something that interests you; i would love to discuss this in more detail with you. thanks!

Ilyssa Cohen
Adscend Media
skype @ ilyssa.adscend

Thank you Ilyssa, glad you like it. Yes I did consider that, but this is not the type of game where that would work or is needed.
I’ll keep you in mind for future projects where a system like that would be a good idea.

Sounds Good

Thank you Placi. Hope you enjoy the game.

I’ve done a review and it is here JumblyApps …I got told off by youtube for the music in it…apparently it’s copyright!

Ooo, cool, thank you very much mate! :smiley: Glad you enjoyed the game. :slight_smile:
Yeah, youtube’s copyright system is a joke… All the music in my game is free, I got it from newgrounds.
Question, in the video at 0:10 did an ad show up and you just edited out of the video, or did the ad fail to show?

The only editing I do is to trim the start and end of the video…so you can’t see what other rubbish I have on my tablet :slight_smile:

However, I’m very fast at cancelling videos. I won’t edit them out of the video as some apps have them in inappropriate places etc., and I think potential users should see.

So the ad showed then and you canceled it fast? Good. I’ve been having some problems with the ad integration during the testing phase, and I was afraid that I didn’t manage to work out all the bugs.:stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, do you mind if I use your video on the games googleplay page?

Happy for you to do whatever you like with it

K, thank you.