[FREE][GAME][2.3.1+] Catch the square

Hi All!

LaBee games team presents a new game – Catch the square. Current version is v1.0.


Plunge into the unforgettable and fascinating world of arcade. Catch the square, avoid the enemies which try to bring you down. Can you get the highscore? Can you evade the fast enemies? Prove that! May the finger dexterity be with you.

Catch the square features:

  1. Cool, funny and very challenging gameplay with highscores. Make new records, share them with your friends and invite them!
  2. Cool graphics with 15 themes for everyone. Choose whichever you like!
  3. Nice background music and sounds.
  4. Localized into English and Russian.

01 main menu.jpg

02 themes en.jpg

03 gameplay 1.jpg


Hope you enjoy the game!

Some more screenshots

03 gameplay 2.jpg

03 gameplay 3.jpg

I’ve done a review… it’s here JumblyApps

Wow, that’s really cool! You have described everything just like I see that in the game. And you play really well, nice job!

Thank you so much!

Rated 5 stars & Reviewed From “Abhishek Vicky” with G+.
please do the same for my app. Thanks.
waiting for your review


Thanks! Rated your app with a comment “Very nice and useful!” and 5 stars.

Hey Maklaud
I’m not looking for thread replay , Basically i need app review so please do the same for my app.
my app url is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.whatsuplife.cityguide

And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Look at your app and its reviews - mine is among them by Vyacheslav P.

I added 5* review and G+ share for your game. Name: Igor Trifunovic

Please do the same for my app:

Than why not showing in my app review section?

I still can see it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/pfs09kftbadj0hg/App.png?dl=0
You can see your app id in the address string and my review is in the center.

Please, DON’T review my apps anymore! I don’t need your cross reviews.