[Free Game 2.2+] Triple Teeter

Hey all,

I have published my first app, anyone who fancies a challenge should check it out

Triple Teeter is a maze game with a twist. You have three balls and one goal, navigate through the labyrinth and score at least one to progress to the next level. Avoid spikey pockets at all costs, and beware of the small ones, they have a certain bang to them .

– Three balls, not one.
– Control the balls by tilting phone.
– HD Graphics.
– Spikey pockets hurt you.
– 60 intense levels with increasing difficulty.
– 15 unlockable textures.
– Adjustable speed to suit play style.


Any suggestions/comments would be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Hey all,

I have added a new website for the game, its a little rough around the edges but it should do the trick. It has info, screenshots and videos.

Triple Teeter

Any suggestions/comments would be most appreciated.

Hope you enjoy.