[Free][Game][2.2+] - Gravity Orange 2

Hi there,
[Gravity Orange 2], tiny fun puzzle game. Now it’s also available on Android(Google play Store).
Download your copy now. It is FREE!

Google Play Store Link:

QR code:

Don’t hesitate and go play it now! Comment, rate, tell me what you think about it I will really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots:

Gravity Orange 2 – Help the orange to get all the stars, then the window would open. Pass the orange through the window to go to the next level. Keep it away from the spikes because they are dangerous.

How to play:

  • Cut off the ropes to drop the orange.
  • Collide with the green or red buttons to build rope.
  • Collide with the buttons which containing arrows to change gravity direction.
  • Move the red buttons in the board.


  1. 6 chapters, 48 levels, more soon.
  2. 4 characters and 8 ropes available.
  3. Provide ‘HINT’ for each level.
  4. Support multi touch.
  5. Awesome physics.