[FREE] [GAME] 1 Pic 1 Song

1 Pic 1 Song


Challenge yourself playing One Pic One Song and guessing the titles of pop hit songs! Do you like to listen to pop music? Do you remember names of past hit songs? If you do, you will enjoy playing One Pic One Song - a fun Icomania-style trivia quiz game!

The first version of this game cover famous hit songs with one-word titles. We have many game levels to keep you entertained. In each level, your clues are the name of the song artists and a single photo depicting the title of the song. You are given 14 letters containing the song title to help you name that tune. Use “remove a letter” or “reveal a letter” hints to guide you past the levels if you are stuck.

Are you up for the challenge? Play now and see how good you are!