[FREE][Full][GAME] Infection Mode

Hello everyone!
Today we have released our first android game on Unity. Infection Mode is available on Google Play!

Infection Mode - Logo.jpg


Unknown virus that transforms an ordinary person into a zombie gripped the world. A small percentage of people with a strong immune system, were able to survive, but now they have a dangerous enemy - zombies!


  • Destroy zombies;
  • Complete 18 challenging levels, performing various gaming purposes;
  • Stop the time in difficult situations;
  • Use any firearm from the 16 available;
  • Undermine the zombies using grenades;
  • Upgrade your character speed, immunity, health;
  • Use anti-dote if you are infected;
  • Set up your game records;
  • Receive achievements.

Release Trailer:
You[b]TUBE[/b] Trailer

We will be happy to see any ratings and impressions regarding the game on Google Play.

Thanks everyone for watching :slight_smile:


Looks well done, congratulations and the best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank you! I think it will be very hard to promote the game first time.

hey, your game is great!
would you like to do a review exchange with me? (in case you have a real device and is fine with keeping my game for 2 days+) :slight_smile:

I think we can. What the app do you have?

I would PM you :slight_smile:

Here is my review JumblyApps

Hello everyone! Today I have released 3.0 version of the Infection Mode game.


There is a lot of updates and improvements:

  • new player control system;
  • auto-fire has been removed;
  • added ammo-boxes;
  • changed difficulty of the game;
  • ‘Run’ mode has been improved;
  • some little fixes.

Feel free to play in the new version, I hope you will be enjoyed:

Hello everyone!
New game version has been released. Currently I have added game difficulties into the game (easy, normal and hard).
Also I have uploaded little gameplay video of the game: YouTUBE

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to show you a new version of the Infection Mode android game.

In the 3.2 version:

  • Added optimization;
  • Added Ultra quality;
  • Updated player animations.


New version of the game can be downloaded at: Google Play

Hello everyone!
After a long time I decide to update the free version to the full one. Now in the free version each level (18 at list) is available. In this case free version of the game has Unity Ads, but I think it’s a bit better than have only 6 available levels. Thanks everyone, I hope new free version now is a bit better :slight_smile:
Paid version now just without Unity Ads.
Link to Google Play

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