[FREE] File Encryption Utility


I wrote a file encryption app based off of my thesis in grad school. This is the first app I have ever built and released on the app store. If you guys had any suggestions for play store content, that would be great. I published it two days ago, and so far only friends and family have downloaded it, so I am pretty concerned about viability. As the owner of this site mentioned, I probably should not give up so soon, so easily, but it is a little disheartening to see 5 users total.

Anyway, here is the description from the play storeā€¦

Encrypt encrypts files with a private key stream cipher. Encrypt allows you to save the file(s) to your phone, or upload to the cloud. To encrypt a file, simply enter the pin number, press encrypt, select your source file, and select where you want it saved. Afterwards, the encryption will continue in the background and you are free to exit the app. There are several advantages of using Encrypt.

  1. Encrypt allows you to use any length of pin you want.
  2. Encryption occurs in the background, so you can use your phone while files are being encrypted.
  3. Encrypt allows access to all possible connected storage including cloud storage.
  4. Unlike some of the other available apps, Encrypt is free to use.
  5. Allows encryption of multiple files at once.