[FREE] Fancy Flash Dot - a fast, "Snake" based arcade- and reactiongame

Hello everyone,

The game “Fancy Flash Dot” is entirely free (includes ads).
Here’s the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minh.game

Simple yet challenging Reactiongame:

  • based on the idea of “snake”, but I changed the concept to create something different, check for yourself :slight_smile: (i have not seen anything similar in the store yet, correct me if i am wrong)
  • Dash through the Screen by simply swiping with your fingers
  • avoid collision with obstacles and collect coins
  • the higher your score the more dynamic the gameflow
  • no speedlimit in “Normal” and “Difficult”, it is impossible to reach very high scores, because the dot eventually becomes so fast that you cannot follow it movements. See for yourself how far you can get!
  • “Fancy”- mode: collect items with uniqe effects to add a little twist to the game, e.g. slowing down the overall speed of the game, freezing the enemys and turning you into a ghost, there is a speed limit in this mode, the challenge you are facing instead is the time which is slowly running out.
  • plain graphics, i tried to keep it minimalistic :slight_smile:

This is my very first android game, so please dont be too harsh :smiley:
Any feedback and ideas are sincerely appreciated :slight_smile:

With kind regards