[FREE] [exchange] Pixel Block Survival Craft

You play as a first person survivor from world war between human and zombies. To survive in this world, you have to collect items. You can craft various items from inventory, build houses. You have two weapons - axe and gun ( desert eagle ) that help you stay away from death. You have to mine metal to produce bullets into your shooter gun. To survive a night, you have to hide in tower or house (own or already built buildings). Making your own house is really intuitive with placing blocks. The aim of this game is to stay alive from undead people. Game consists of two mini worlds for exploration. This edition of game is made mainly for people who love pocket cube style games.

  • save / load game
  • survival, craft, building features
  • pixel block cube retro style
  • 3d graphics
  • achievments


I think here I have already mentioned. :slight_smile: