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Casino Jack Chase- a fun and rewarding casino chase game by Virtual Jungle. Help the thief, Jack Chase, steal coins and avoid being caught by the Pit Boss. As you go up the levels, more Pit Bosses chase you in the casino. Turn left, cut right, hide behind slot machines in the hot chase to escape the casino with your coins.
Pull out your phone and play this exciting casino chase game. One of the only casino chase games for your gaming device.

Mr. M. Pyre has worked hard to build up ‘The Strip’. The Strip is a string of casinos, owned by M. Pyre, that everyone goes into expecting happiness and instead leaves them penniless. All Mr. M. Pyre cares about is his own pockets, and he doesn’t care how they get fat. Enter Jack Chase, the best casino thief out, who wants to change that. Jack will go through M. Pyre’s casino, floor by floor, lightening his pockets one coin at a time, if M. Pyre doesn’t catch him before he leaves the casino floor first. Help Jack run his course through the casino floor, and take some of M. Pyre’s coins off his hand. Run as fast as you can, and return to the cashier at the end. Help Jack Chase take down the Strip, one casino at a time.

Link to Google Play Store:
Requirements: Android 2.3 and Up.
Available for Android.
I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.

Great. I find another new game to play this weekend.

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