[FREE] Caveman: The Animal Saga

A cool new game Caveman: The Animal Saga
★★★ Introducing Caveman: The Animal Saga ★★★

Do you love playing arcade running games? If yes, you will surely love the running and jumping arcade game Caveman: The Animal Saga. It is a free android game and will offer you never-ending running saga to play at your fingertips.
The story of the app:
The cavemen hero is out of his cave and he is on the mission to rescue all captivated jungle animals. He has no other way to reach at his destination other than by running and jumping. However, his running track is full of ups and downs and there are hovering naughty enemies around. If he collides with any of them, he will be penalized for his life. You have to help the caveman runner to survive on the running track and collect gold coins as many as he can.
More the distance the caveman hero will cover and more coins he will get to collect, you will accumulate more score in your account. You have to tap on the arrows to maneuver the running and jumping frenzy of the caveman. The app has a simple game plan no doubt, but mastering the control over its action plan is quite challenging. Why don’t you try now?
The app’s features:
You need to download the app to enjoy caveman’s story!
Before you download the entertaining running game at your android device, take a look at the in app features:
> Beautiful wild forest theme and lovely animated graphics offer real hang of a jungle story of a caveman hero,
> The musical track is stimulating for playing the running frenzy,
> The app offers simple game control,
> The app offers in-app purchase to unlock further game levels,
> It is a multi-level game: all the levels of game will offer you to collect coins.
The app Caveman: The Animal Saga is suitable for both kids and adults’ play. The game can be played offline.
Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobieos.caveman

Requires Android: 3.0 and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.

Game is cool, but people now-a-days would need more interesting games with some good adventure.