[FREE ]Breaking news from India in the language you want!

Are you an Indian living abroad and not able to catch up with news from India? Do you long for being able to read your favorite news in your own regional language?!

Were you born in Kolkata but work in Delhi or Mumbai? Or work in Gurgaon and miss the local news from Chennai?

Worry no more!! As all of the above is now possible on your iPhone, iPAD/Android tablet, and Android smartphones! Whether its politics, sports, business, entertainment or technology news from India, we bring you the latest buzz from/on India in your own language. Pariksha Labs, a leading developer of apps for Indians and Indian Diaspora, is proud to announce their latest app ‘inNews: Your Indian News-stand’, which enables you to discover, read and share news from India in the language you want.

InNews is a news aggregator that uses a sophisticated server and algorithms to track over 3000 news feeds bringing you a comprehensive catalog of news from India. It puts you in control – the user can choose which news they want to track/read; it supports regional language content so you can read in multiple languages and it provides metadata and cross references so you can easily find related articles and explore any story as deeply as you want. And, it supports social sharing so you can bring key stories to the attention of your social network with a simple tap.

InNews is now available on iPhones (via Appstore), iPAD (via AppStore), Android tablets (via Play Store), Android smartphones (via Play Store) and Kindle tablet (via Amazon Store). The Windows Smartphone version will be launched soon.

Download inNews from PlayStoreTM

Download inNews from Amazon store

So if you really are interested in catching up with news from India, when you want to, inNews is a must have app that you have to try. It is completely FREE so go ahead and download it right away. And do let us know if we can do more for you.

Discover the pulse of India with our groundbreaking initiative, “[FREE] Breaking news from India in the language you want!” Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of updates and stories tailored to your preferences. Whether it’s the vibrant hues of Urdu you seek, look no further than our dedicated Urdu News section. Stay ahead with real-time information, delivered in a language that resonates with your heart.