[FREE] Bluetooth Phone Hacker


"Now you can hack any phone manage and view their phone files directly through Blueooth. Yes, you can become a phone hacker!!! Just choose a phone from available Bluetooth devices through this App.
Bluetooth Phone Hacker is a free prank application simulating process of hacking phone devices. Have you ever dreamed about becoming a real hacker? Well, you can keep on dreaming…
The application allows you to break into your victim’s phone as easy as you can imagine.
The program is smart enough to be able to do all the job for you.
Just follow the instructions in the application and have fun.
There are two available hacking modes:

  • Hear which allows you to receive all the data sent by your victim
  • Expand which grants you access to the victim’s data disk
    Lend your mobile to your friends and see how they react to the attack ! :wink:
    ++++KNOWN before DOWNLOAD+++++++++
    Bluetooth Phone Hacker is a fake app and it can not hack and enter others phone at all. It is a simulation process and can make all people around you believe! It is used for fun and meet your psychological satisfaction.
    Just show others: My phone can hack your phone and use your phone camera and view all files in your phone!
    Keep in mind that this application is for educational and fun purposes only. You cannot use it to hack any devices.
    The program is meant to be used for pranks and jokes only.
    This app uses banner ads and it adds an icon to your home screen. This allows, that this app remains to be available for free.