[Free] Bat Messenger: new secure messaging app

Hi everyone,
Our secure messaging app Bat Messenger v.3.1.2 was released on Google play a few days ago. All messages sent to Bat Messenger are end-to-end encrypted. We really want to develop an app which can protect user’s privacy, so signing up for Bat Messenger won’t ask for users’ phone number and email address. Except the basic messaging tools , Bat Messenger serves some powerful features to guard privacy.
Some Great Features:

  1. Confidential Code: users must enter the right code to view their messages. Users can set different confidential codes for different contacts, which can save them from the embarrassment when people around them trying to peeping at their phone screen to view their messages.
  2. Anonymous Chat: users can chat with contacts anonymously. They can speak their mind freely in an anonymous group chat. Bat Messenger will distribute a new user name to each member and members won’t know who adds them. Personal information is not viewable here.
  3. Temporary Chat: users can chat with strangers on Bat Messenger. Just share the QR code of the temporary chat, users can start chatting with others. When someone decides to leave a temporary chat, there isn’t an embarrassing notification to tell other members that he left.
  4. Retract All: normally, most messaging app support message retraction, but it always has a time limit. However, users can retract all messages without a time limit with Bat Messenger.
  5. Destroy Password: users can destroy their Bat account by entering the destroy password set by them before in case of emergency. The destroyed account can’t be recovered.
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    You can get it from Google play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sisisan.batmessage
    Your feedback is important to me. Please feel free to ask me any questions!