[FREE] Arcade Blocks

[FREE] Arcade Blocks
Hi, I want to present my new game: ArcadeBlocks.
Aim of the Game
ArcadeBlocks is a puzzle game which you must drag and drop random blocks in a grid 9x9 and complete the trails to get the best score as possible.
You can change the dirction of the block just clicking on it before placing it.
Game modes
There are 2 game modes:
CLASSIC MODE: unlimited time, You can use BOMB (that remove an area 3x3), DYNAMITE (that remove an area 4x4) and LASER (that remove a 6-blocks area).
As soon as the grid will be full we would have lost !
(Matches in CLASSIC MODE will be automatically saved so you don’t lose the progress in case of interruption of the game ) .
TIME MODE You have only 120 seconds to destroy more blocks as possible and score a greater number of points.
Remember that you can buy TIME BONUS to get 15 seconds extra to increase your points!
** Daily bonus: 500 stars!**
Other functions:
BONUS: Daily bonus: 500 stars!
RESUME: Load your previous match!
MARKET: You can buy items and upgrade them,to improve gameplay!

Game is 100% FREE (and there aren’t in-app purchases)
PLAY STORE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vlab.arcadeblocks

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