[free app] youdare: The world is your playground

We at MingleMind have made our first app, which launches today. We would love to get any feedback on how the app works for you. Here’s the description:

Welcome to the game of your life.


  • One entire planet to explore
  • 7 billion players spread across multiple lands
  • A wealth of cultural lore and tradition
  • Stunning terrains with unmatched graphics and full sensory immersion
  • Various characters to choose from and numerous skills to master

As you move through the world you will have infinite paths to choose from and multiple roles to play. There are no limits - only you can decide how to live your life. Get to know the world around you by exploring at every opportunity. With youdare, you can choose dares from 6 unique characters to complete in the real world. Share your daring moments by uploading a picture or video and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. You can also create your own dares and challenge yourself, your friends, or even the world.

Where will you go? Who will you meet? What will you dare to do? The world is your playground, and anything is possible. All you have to do is dare yourself to start. Play now!

iOS: http://goo.gl/cKJgna
Android: http://goo.gl/U6AFuK

Email: [email protected]

Visit our official YouTube channel for more tips about our app. New videos coming soon!
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