Free app---Turn your smartphone into universal remote control

Free App can directly use on S4/N8000/ N8010/GT-N5100/GT-N5110/ HTC New One etc, build-in infrared smart phone.
Free app “zazaremote” download from Google play.


Control TV, Air Condition, Set-top boxes/satellite set-top boxes, Fan, SLR, Projector, IPTV, DVD/VCD/AV, Amplifier… almost all 33-45KHz infrared appliances
Navigate TV channel
Learn signals from original Infrared remote and make personalized remote

if your phone without build-in infrared, you can get one zazaremote accessory.
Accessories Features
Compact, its size is less than one yuan coin.
Low power consumption, using electricity only when the remote control
fast and accurate infrared learning ability
Apart from very few OTG phone (MX2, i929) not support, it’s available on multiple OTG mobile phone, there is no the limitations of one-on-one.
Your appliance mode is in our databases, download it, then you can plug and play. If it isn’t, then you can DIY.