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The application world has yet to see something as unique as Tapxicon. Although there are many dictionary and English learning apps available, none delivers like Tapxicon; both in terms of content and use.

With the ease of browsing words on the go, Tapxicon changes what was once a tiresome and boring task into an effortless review by allowing phone users to comprehend the word that they see on that LCD, in a manner that hardly takes effort and most definitely doesn’t feel like a textbook being shoved in their faces. Let’s face it, improving your vocabulary whilst browsing Facebook is more enjoyable than reading a dictionary. But if you prefer that, then we won’t judge (or would we?).

Tapxicon is the companion you never had. The companion who tells you all the tasty goodness of a word. This includes:
[li]Definitions[/li] [li]Audio Pronunciation[/li] [li]Phonetic Notation[/li] [li]Synonyms[/li] [li]Antonyms[/li] [li]Usage[/li] [li]Derivation[/li] [li]Hierarchical Information such as- type, part, substance.[/li] [/ul]

Another feature in Tapxicon allows the user to find the conjugation of a verb and a new release tomorrow will allows users to find the part of speech for each word in a sentence.


There is a lot in store for the future, as we are committed to helping our users as well as delivering content they want (released four new updates since launch on September 12th).
Please try it out and give us your feedback. We’re always happy to hear from you (unless it’s something negative…just kidding)!


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Advice from me: your app icon is not so attractive. And the app UI interface is bit complicated. And you can collect more reviews from users who indeed will write their reviews for your app. Then you will know how to improve it.

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Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.

Could you perhaps tell me what you found complicated about the UI, so that we can work on fixing it.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hire professional UI designer?

I think you must’ve misunderstood me. I was asking about what you found complicated about the UI, not how to fix it. That we are already working on lol.


Aren’t I nice? Listening to your every wish.

Here’s the new logo!