[FREE][APP] Social SMS Scheduler - Fresh SMS

New SMS scheduling app Fresh SMS is the perfect antidote to short-term memory loss. With Fresh SMS, you’ll never miss a birthday, team catch-up or get together ever again.

How does it work? With Fresh SMS Scheduler, you can quickly and easily schedule custom texts to your contact list while it’s fresh in your mind. It doesn’t matter if you schedule for an hour later, a day later, weeks, months, or years later, Fresh SMS will remember for you so you never accidentally forget another important social event.

Compared to clunky, complicated scheduling apps currently on the market, Fresh SMS’ clean, intuitive Android design is simple and user-friendly, with easy to navigate contacts, scheduling anda reminder categories. Fresh SMS also focuses on social events, making sure you’ll remember Nan’s birthday, and that weekly poker night reminder.

DOWNLOAD IT FREE: http://bit.ly/1bxrm8R

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