[FREE] [APP] Preschool Brain Train - an educational childish game

Preschool Brain Train - is an educational childish game that has been orientated towards preschool children. The game consists of educational part and entertaining part, which introduces your child with numbers from 1 to 10 as well as with the family of citrus fruits and also bonus*.

The advantages of this game are as follows:

  • Childish, live, colorful full HD-graphics;
  • Voice support for better perception;
  • The presence of a variety of associated items for a high-quality perception of the information;
  • In each part of the game are hidden funny surprises;
  • 3 difficulty levels for the ultimate interest;
  • Lovely, light and playful background music specially made for Preschool Brain Train;
  • Bonus availability;
  • No ads.

The game, developed exclusively for children, has a very pleasant interface, specially chosen sounds, optimized platform for all types of devices, carefully created background music and also the chance to listen to information in the 4 languages.

Music by Qosim Muinzoda.

It seemed to us that the entertaining part of the game has not enough interactivity, therefore we decided to decorate the scene by adding a small, but fun game aimed at the advancing of logical thinking of the child.

What’s new:

  • Small bugs fixes;
  • Added new bonus in the entertaining part;
  • New music in each scene.

You could download Preschool Brain Train from Google Play by this link.
Also you could directly write your suggestions/recommendations on our FB-page or e-mail us.