[FREE][APP] PoopMoney Know how much you earn sitting on the toilet and be entertained

Let’s be honest, we all poop at work and we all use mobile phones to entertain ourselves while doing it. I made an app called Poop Money that calculates how much money you are earning while pooping at work and also entertains you by telling you funny, interesting, situation based stories (that are all manually written) so your toilet visits become amusing.

We usually have a few specific apps we use while warming the toilet seats so I added an option of a quick launch bar where you can choose your favorite apps and quick launch them directly from Poop Money after you start your timer.

You can analyze your toilet visits to see how much time you spend there and how much you are earning.

What makes my app better then others of such kind is entertainment, UI and simplicity which for and app like this should be a given but apparently is not.

The app is free to use so check it out on google play:

Poop Money