[FREE] [APP] MarkO - made to extend your memory!! We need your feedback!

We all want to never forget important things, don’t we? But we are only humans and humans have limited memory. We keep trying out different ways to keep up with staff or to people that are important to us and we still keep forgetting. And it’s only natural.

Not anymore! Namely, this is why we developed MarkO, who can remember everything you ask him to and remind you whenever you want to be reminded. MarkO’s latest version is made to extend your memory, to give you SUPERPOWER, to memorize things that you can’t or you might forget, giving you more time to focus on what is more urgent at the moment. With this intelligent and input free reminder, you can have your peace of mind since you will never forget anything anymore!

The app was first launched in November 2014 and has been progressing real fast ever since, constantly becoming more user friendly and with improved futures. It is available for download as a public beta on the Google Play Store while its team is working on its iOS and web version, too.

Check it and tell us what do you think :slight_smile:

Your feedback is more than welcome. :cool:

i have voted your app.

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