free app-locker "SchoolOut"


my developer-name is fileerror and I would like to show you my App “SchoolOut”.

It is a kind of App-Lock, which blocks automatically every app, that you don’t unlock in the options-menu. You can choose a different start- and stop-time
for every weekday, so you can select an inactive and an active period. It also can mute the ringtones, the mediaplayer-volume and block connections.

I would enjoy every constructive comment.

If You give me a good rating and review, i would do the same for You.

Thanks, fileerror

rated and g+ as Michal V
rate this game

Done as Jonny Smith !
Here my link:
Please use keyword “eggs bird” on your review !
Thanks !

Gave you g+, 5* and a nice review for your app locker (as Rick). Good luck with it!

Could you also rate my game and use keywords like “deadly” or “dodo”?

thanks, i rated your apps too :wink:
(as hans p.)

I gave you 5* g+ and comment from Alex Wilhelm. Would you help me review and do the same with my below app, please keep install in your device at least two day for approving the review?

My app:

Thank you very much!