[FREE] [APP FOR KIDS] Little Stories: bedtime books for kids

The “Little Stories” series present fairy tales, in which your kid plays the main part. It’s quite simple – just enter your kid’s name and gender in the settings window and enjoy reading fairy tales about your son or daughter.

To make it even cooler, we’ve added beautiful melodies and wonderful pictures to help you raise your child by giving him or her only positive examples.
Let love and kindness fill your family leisure to make your life and the world around happier!

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Short 30-sec video:

Why “Little Stories”?
• No analogs in the world!
• 18 exciting fairy tales so far and more to come
• 700+ pictures
• Gender determines the choice of illustrations
• Nice music accompanying each story

Fairy tales:
• The Brave Eaglet (FREE)
• The Magic Christmas Tree (FREE)
• A Secret in the Night
• The Sea Lily
• Brighter Than A Star
• Who Is the First?
• The Fruit Kingdom
• The Little Nail’s Adventures
• How To Reach A Star
• A Curious Mouse
• The Union of Three Planets
• The Real Friendship
• A Stegosaur Story
• My Friend the Dolphin
• Tlouble
• Not Like Everyone Else

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What’s new in the version 1.0.1
Bug fixes.

What’s new in the version
Fairy tales now have a table of contents. Just click on an icon in the upper left corner while reading and go to a page you like.
Diveo Media logo has been animated. You can see it when you launch the app.

What’s new in the version
App productivity was increased and critical bugs were fixed. We also fixed the purchases bug. Now you can read stories you bought before. We are also working on the next update. Stay tuned!

What’s new in the version 1.4
The long-awaited fairy tale “A Curious Mouse” by Igor Vostriakov is now available in the App! The illustrator is charming Maia Batumashvili. This is a real summer story full of sudden turns and twists and funny situations, and the talent of the composer Artyom Akmulin will help you to experience the atmosphere of the story even better.

Enjoy your reading!

What’s new in the version 1.4.4
Optimization of the app.

What’s new in the version 1.5.1
We’ve added a new fairy tale! It is called “The Union of Three Planets”. This extraordinary story will tell your children about the importance of creativity and show them how colors, sounds and light are interconnected.

Author: Altai Zeinalov. Composer: Artem Akmulin. Illustrator: Liumin Zhang. Her lovely drawings won’t leave anyone indifferent.

What’s new in the version 1.5.2
Minor improvements and bug fixes.

What’s new in the version 1.5.9
A new story “The Real Friendship” has been added. The author is Altai Zeinalov who has written a lot of children’s stories so far but is not going to stop at this point. The illustrations were made by a talented artist Natalia Asanova. It was her first try on a graphic tablet but she has managed perfectly. Our composer Artyom Akmulin has created a beautiful melody that accompanies the story.

What’s new in the version 2.0
In response to your multiple requests we have introduced a new option – now you can record the Little Stories with your own voice. Yippee!
Open the book, tap the microphone, read the tutorial, and in just a few minutes you’ll watch a cartoon starring your child, with your personal voice-over. You’ll even get your name on the credits :slight_smile:

There’s still more! We’ve made a major optimisation to improve the performance of the app.

What’s new in the version 2.1

We have great news for you! We have just added our new fairy tale “A Guest on the Farm.” The tale`s author is Dale Neal. He lives in Great Britain. He used to write poems earlier but he decided to perform as a prose writer for the first time in our app. And we have to admit he has achieved a success now! This tale will teach kids on how to provide a mutual support to each other.

  • app productivity was increased and bugs were fixed.

Please leave us a review.

What’s new in the version 2.1.8
• We have a new story for kids – “My Friend the Dolphin”. Altai Zeinalov had this story in his mind a long time ago, but it hadn’t come out until today. Lots of magic is ready to be revealed in this tale, including dreams, living toys, and a big oak tree!
The illustrations are created by a Vietnamese artist who wished to be introduced as Estince. This is his first work in our app.
The composer is Nadezhda Gourskaya – a freshman.

• Big performance update!

What’s new in the version 2.1.11
We’re happy to announce the release of a new story by Konstantin Zhukov, titled “Tlouble”! It’s quite an unusual story that takes place in a very ordinary setting: a rabbit’s hole! Tlouble is a strange illness but, fortunately, doctor Ouch and doctor Purr are ready to help poor rabbit get better.

  • New free story ‘A Monkey Manners Tale’!
    There’s nothing like a walk through the forest… unless the litterbugs have gotten there first.
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What’s new in the version 2.2
• They say millions of people can’t be wrong, but that is a misconception. Our new story, “Not Like Everyone Else” by Liz Bickerstaff, is here to prove it. One lamb decided not to go with the stream, and thus was able to save the flock from trouble.

Illustrator – Magdalena Markowska from Poland. Her interesting style, reminiscent of the inking style of drawdown, has blended in nicely with this new story.

Composer – Artyom Akmulin.

• French language has been added.
• Winter theme added!