[FREE][APP] Find out how fit are you

Hi :slight_smile: I’d like to introduce You this simple app

[b]Ideal weight and fat %[/b] – it’s an app, which will help to find out how fit you are. It’s made for:

  • calculating Your body mass index (BMI);

  • showing Your ideal weight;

  • calculating body fat percentage;

  • storing results in a special table.

Main features:

  • BMI is calculated depending on your body type and sex, which gives more accurate results;

  • special table will help You to understand in what shape you are - it stores both - BMI and fat percentage, which in combination provides enough objective assessment of the body shape.

It is known that BMI does not always give trustworthy results of Your physical state - for example, if You’re an athlete, You might have have a lot of weight , but it will be caused by the presence of muscle, but not fat tissue. However, BMI combined with the calculation of fat percentage is suitable even for the practicing athletes.

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