[FREE APP] Fake Call & SMS rescue yourself from an awkward situation

You can send fake sms/ make a fake call to yourself with phone number of other person or save a fake call/fake sms to Call Log/sms inbox , outbox(unread,read) ,
Get out the trouble, give yourself a fake-call id or sms (text messages) !
Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview…
The fake-call id won’t charge you any fee, it is totally FREE.
☆ Fake incoming call, sms, outgoing call/sms, missed call
☆ Fake call logs (along with date, time, duration, person, incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls)
☆ Fake SMS log (sent, received, read, unread)
☆ Hide icon from Launcher (no body will be aware of the present of this app). Dial a #777 to launch.
☆ Make a quick fake call by dial #777# (Set name and phone number in Setting)
☆ Very easy to pick a contacts from contact book
☆ Show notification for call log and sms
☆ Fake immediately, in the past, in the future
☆ Fake call with vibration, ringtone
☆ Scheduling for future messages, call logs

Google Play : link

Nice app and very useful me. Thanks for sharing this valuable app.