[FREE][APP] EyeGuard - Helps to relax Your eyes and improve vision

[b]Eye Guard[/b] – will help to train your eyes & keep them healthy.

Nowadays we spend huge amount of time working with computers, phones and tablets. Unfortunately this badly affects the vision.
This simple app will always remind You, that it’s time to take a short break and do some exercises for Your eyes.

Main features:
[i]- Specially selected exercises;

  • Illustrations and instructions to perform the exercises;
  • Easy navigation;
    -Simple system of reminders with the possibility of making your own schedule;
  • Choosing type of the reminder - melody, vibration, message in the status bar, etc.
  • The system of training with “Coach” - special set of exercises designed for specific time intervals;[/i]

With the Eye Guard You will not only give your eyes a rest, but also - improve vision by performing simple exercises for a few minutes a day.

Google Play link: [b]Eye Guard[/b]

Just released major update :slight_smile: any reviews would be appreciated!

i have voted your app.

private message sent with info of my app


Check your PM. I did a review and waiting for reply.