[FREE][APP]Eye Guard – Screen Filter

[b] Eye Guard – Screen Filter [/b] – Find Keep your eyes on safety!

Eye Guard Screen Filter is significantly more powerful than the built-in filter of your smartphone and has the most effective tools for reducing eyestrain!
To maximize ease of use, Eye Guard Screen Filter provides “smart” panel in the notification bar and great simple widget.
App has an option to turn on after reboot. It does not require any in-app payments or Installation of an additional modules. You get all the features you need absolutely free, no hype!

You are able to:

  • Choose color of the filter
  • Set up filtration power
  • Customize suitable display light temperature;
  • Set up a flexible schedule for the Main and Night modes.[/i]

Google Play link: [ Eye Guard – Screen Filter ](https=" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kab.eyeguardscreenfilter)