[FREE][APP] Create Edge Lighting for Home, Lock Screen

Edge Lighting is An Amazing App that adds magical, aesthetic multi-colored Edge Lighting to your home screen & lock screen.

Edge Lighting - Border light app, which is developed by Keego! gives users a brilliant, vivid and eye-catching visual experience by adding Edge Lighting on home screen and lock screen. Edge border shapes in our app library have countless types of edge lighting from lightning, fire, thunder, neon effects, flowers, falling snow, etc. Personalize wallpaper for homescreen to make it unique, eye-catching & make others look up!

Explore here :point_right: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edgelighting.livewallpaper.rgb.ledborder&hl=en_US

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Designed with a smooth experience and eye-catching interface. With one tap, you can transform your boring phone screen into your unique homescreen with customizable colorful Edge Lighting combined with 5000+ 4K high-quality wallpapers updated daily.

Outstanding features of the LED Edge Lighting- Magical Border light:

:heart_on_fire:Magical & Eye-catching Edge Lighting - Border light
Edge Lighting - Border light is an application that brings a new and aesthetic visual experience by creating magical Edge Lighting - Round light RGB on the screen of the user’s device. Customize LED Edge Lighting - Edge Lightning using our versatile settings, making Edge Lightning super fit to your screen!

:heart_on_fire:Diverse Edge lighting effect
Edge Lighting - Border light app provides a variety of edge lighting effects: clockwise, anti-clockwise & flicker effect, neon effect, …

:heart_on_fire:Edge Lighting Border Color: 10+ tones from thousands of color palette
Edge Lighting - Border light app offers not only 2,3,4 colors for RGB Edge Lightning as usual, but up to 10 colors that users can choose and combine to personalize the home screen, creating Edge Lighting to its own uniqueness

:heart_on_fire:500+ diverse edge border shapes:
Not simply just a border, our Edge Lighting - Border light app also allows changing Edge Lighting into different shapes, like emoji, graffiti, hearts, slogans,… Or even the whole name, which is extremely special. All to deliver an amazing homescreen edge light show to users.

:heart_on_fire:AOE - Always Display Edge lighting above other apps
More than just applying wallpaper, we also offer a feature that allows the magical LED Edge Lighting to be displayed even when you are using other apps! Even when you use Messages, Facebook, Youtube, play games,… Edge Lighting will always appear with these apps, stay shining and bring you a stunning visual experience.

:heart_on_fire:Indispensable extra features: 5000+ diverse high-quality 4K aesthetic and artistic wallpapers
If Edge Lighting is not enough to satisfy you, we have 5000+ daily updated artistic 4K wallpaper & aesthetic live wallpapers available for you to use and combine with Edge Lighting, to deliver a great personalized experience! Our 4K wallpaper library has a variety of genres and includes popular, hot trending themes such as Neon, Anime, 3D Animals, Cartoon, Celebrities, Famous Characters,…

:heart_on_fire:Coming soon: This feature of the Edge Lighting - Border light will allow Edge Lighting to be displayed with each incoming call as desired, personalizing the call screen experience. Please look forward to it!

:heart_on_fire:Other features:

  • Personalize edge lighting by adjusting border light colors, border light shape, notch type
  • Notch type support for all screen types: Normal Notch like iPhone; Round & Circle Hole; Infinity U, Infinity V,…
  • Supports all Android devices, both mobile phones and tablets: Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, ……
  • Super convenient, simple touch. The interface is smooth, clear, easy to use with just a few clicks
  • Support LED round light RGB
  • Super Powerful to personalize your beautiful home & lock screen

Magic Edge Lighting app by Keego! is our continuous effort to earn a top experience for users. Our App is under development and will release many new features in the near future, so please look forward to it!


Download here :point_right: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edgelighting.livewallpaper.rgb.ledborder&hl=en_US