[FREE][APP] Autonomous - Simplified device automation - alternative for MacroDroid


Autonomous allow you to create Rules to perform automatic tasks with your Android device.

Currently supported events are:

  • Connectivity: WiFi status and network, Bluetooth status and device, GSM signal level
  • Communication: Phone calls and SMS
  • Application events (application started, user typing text)
  • Notifications (source and content)
  • Time of day
  • Motion (speed, walking, shaking)
  • Device position
  • Geolocation
  • Battery level

Currently supported actions are:

  • Communication (send SMS, call handling)
  • Connectivity (change BT state, connect to BT or WiFi device)
  • IOT: publish MQTT message
  • UI Notifications (toast, text to speech, confirmation dialog with voice interaction)
  • Audio (volume control, mute, activate speakers, media playback control)
  • Device related (flash-light, screen lock, screen orientation)
  • Applications (add app shortcut to notification list, start application, launcher)
  • Timer (delay)

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