[FREE][APP]AdvancedNFCSystem The only NFC app that restores the phone status


Advanced NFC System allows you to :

  • activate the bluetooth
  • activate the wifi
  • activate the data connection
  • keep the screen on
  • launch an application
  • set to silent mode
  • set to vibration mode
  • set to normal mode and set the ringer volume
  • delete the contents of a NFC tag
  • read the contents of a NFC tag
  • verify the presence of the NFC device within the phone

Possible uses:
By placing NFC tags on the car navigator holder you can start your preferred navigator app simply by placing the phone in the holder.
Turn bluetooth on while being in the car without risking to forget it activated, it will be automatically disabled when you disconnect the tag.
Activate the silent mode at night, the disconnection of the tag will be resetted to the previous settings.
Activate the vibration mode in the office without forgetting to restore the ringer-tone status when you step away from your desk.
The application can be used with the tags placed in the meeting room to mute the ringer-tone for all participants.

Disabling functionality takes about a minute from the moment the tag has been disconnected.
If you make a call during this minute deactivation will be halted and resumes when the call ends.

Give us a hint about your favourite NFC app use in the comments.

For any inquiries , suggestions or recommendations do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

In the Play Store is available the “Advanced NFC System Pro” version, free from advertising and usable in offline mode.